Several years ago, Director Brick wrote a policy memo on sign language interpreter specifications for emergency broadcasts on TV. Governor Hogan and his staff have been aware and respectful in following the specifications of clearly showing an ASL interpreter on the news for full accessibility. If you notice issues in accessibility specifications around where you live, feel free to take a look at our memo and use it as an example to apply it to your local or state level system: odhh.maryland.gov/broadcasts/.

Video description:
The background is black with Director Kelby Brick on the bottom left corner with a black blazer and black hat, with his hands on his bearded chin. Yellow text with maroon outlines that shows “BRICK BRIEFS” pop in from the bottom, goes to the middle, then goes back down.

There is a grey background. Director Brick is standing in a red shirt and signing “It’s hurricane season in the fall, and coming soon is the winter season with likely snowstorms and such. Deaf interpreters are often included in emergency broadcast announcements on TV, which is great. The problem is usually the frame being too far, making it hard to see the interpreter or being too close and cutting off the interpreter, among several other issues. Our office released a memo several years ago and the Governor has since then meeting those specifications. The memo includes specifications such as including the interpreter to be on frame at all times, the sizing of the frame, the close distance of the interpreter and the Governor, etc. Feel free to take a look at our memo to use it as an example to apply it to the local and state levels of where you live.”

The screen fades to white and a yellow line appears from the right with black text that says “MARYLAND GOVERNOR’S OFFICE OF THE DEAF & HARD OF HEARING.” On the right of the yellow line is the Maryland logo, which appears to be yellow with black “checkers” on the top left, with a red block on the bottom and a small part on the right. In the middle, there is a white cross that are in small t’s at the end. Below that is “CHANGING MARYLAND FOR THE BETTER.”