LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A DMV office in Los Angeles was the scene of a heartwarming exchange between a California Highway Patrol officer and a deaf woman, which came about in the most unlikely way.

Officer Rodriguez was originally called to the DMV location on Hope Street after receiving complaints of a deaf woman who was not able to communicate with workers.

It turns out, Rodriguez knows American Sign Language, and he stepped in to help the woman obtain her REAL ID.

She was short on money, so the officer even decided to pay for her identification – no questions asked.The woman is seen on video giving the officer money, and when he realizes she doesn’t have enough, he hands the money back to the woman and tells the teller, “Tell you what, I’ll cover it for her.”

Officer Rodriguez was recognized for his act of kindness on the CHP’s Twitter page, where social media users called Rodriguez “a blessing” and an “amazing officer.”