Lara (4) with your right index finger on the point, above the chin, to the Christa Rigozzi (36) has a birthmark. This sign is for Christa. In November of last year, you got to know the deaf Lara. “One of my southern Temperament, that I gesticulate constantly and a lot with my Facial expressions. But I have noticed that the deaf communicate, I need to learn sign language,” says the Tessinerin.

Lara is the only child within their family of four, that came deaf to the world. Why this is so, don’t know the family. The Wydens take the fate as an opportunity, as you have learned with your daughter’s very early in the sign language. This is for the deaf children at the beginning easily. A particular challenge will then learn how to read. “Because you are not matching spoken Sounds of the letters, and thus, printed words are not the things to match can, for the you are. This language is but the Basis, in order to have later access to education,” says the presenter, who did the sign language to teach and much of Lara’s learning.

Lara Christa Rigozzi brings to each Meeting, a new sign in

“she has always enjoyed me new characters to teach. The last, I learned from her to play and rabbit,” said Rigozzi, who adds: “It is a complex language, with many of the characters in context.” Lara have a lot of patience with her. “And she has this radiance, joy, and happiness in their eyes. She is just a ray of sunshine.”

– hearted girl from Adlikon, ZH is one of the about 10’000 people in Switzerland, learning the sign language. More than a Million are living with a hearing impairment. Worldwide the estimate of about 70 million deaf people out. In order to make the hard-of-hearing people and their concerns to the attention of, can’t raise their voice loud, will take place today, the International day of sign language.

Christa Rigozzi will be lunch at the station square in Berne, a crash course in this language and fairy-for the deaf and for hearing children tell. As you will imagine, also, than Huawei-the Ambassador for the free App StorySign, which translates, in real time, children’s books in sign language. For the twin mother this is a matter of the heart: “So the Little one will be supported on a playful way in learning to read.”