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Deaf-owned production company Silent Visual Media announces the premiere of Deaf game show ‘SignTasTic!’ on the world’s first streaming platform for Sign Language entertainment VSYN+.

PITTSBURGH, PA – Produced in 2022, Silent Visual Media’s ‘SignTasTic!’ is an episodic game show featuring Deaf performers and hearing contestants. The game show was picked up for distribution by VSYN+, the world’s first streaming platform for Sign Language entertainment. ‘SignTasTic!’ premieres on the new streaming platform in March of 2024. 

‘SignTasTic!’ aims to bridge the gap between Deaf and hearing communities and is the first of its kind in the TV game show genre.  The show features Deaf talent like Lisa McBee, Dack Virnig, and Roxie Dummett, along with America’s first Deaf television game show host Dan Cook. 

SignTasTic! promotes a cross-cultural approach to learning American Sign Language (ASL) by engaging both the Deaf and hearing communities. Each episode encourages the understanding of ASL for both hearing contestants and audience members. As hearing contestants compete to win a grand prize of $5,000, audience members can follow along by watching a video dictionary of pre-selected signs per episode.

Seeing Deaf representation performing and hosting, along with interacting with their hearing peers, is the paradigm shift that Silent Visual Media hopes to pioneer. This type of inclusivity in the entertainment industry creates stronger bonds between Deaf and hearing audience members, as well as industry professionals, while creating excitement for and acceptance of Deaf culture.

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