THE BACKYARD — Music has the ability to stir the soul and inspire the mind, but what if you can’t hear it? Doesn’t matter, because often the message and the feel can still resonate deep in your bones and this video is a perfect example.

This is Emery and Marshall and they are 12 and 11 years old, respectively. These friends love the message behind Imagine Dragons hit song “Thunder” even though they have never heard it. Both Emery and Marshall are deaf, but in this video they give a truly powerful rendition of the pop song through rough sign language and emotion.

The message the two boys relate before they begin is wonderful and is one we all need to hear. “It doesn’t matter if you’re deaf or hearing,” Emery signs. “It’s important to work hard and stay focused. You will be successful if you work for it.”

These kids are far more wise than I am, and I’m three times their age.

From here the boys sign the song, and I love every minute of it. They aren’t just using their hands to communicate, but their entire bodies and their emotions are on their sleeves. Even if you can’t hear, what you are seeing is music and it’s beautiful.

Thank you, Emery and Marshall, for sharing this with all of us and reminding us what we’re capable of if we’re willing to put in the work.