This is Cassidy’s Team. This is CDX Special Forces. 4 years ago Cassidy joined this cheerleading team and the experience has been amazing. Cassidy and her teammates have earned an opportunity to go to the Cheerleading Worlds in Orlando, qualifying to compete against the best cheerabilities teams in the world. 

When we knew we needed to write something to go along with the GoFundMe posting we weren’t sure what to say so we asked Cassidy what she wanted to say about her team she didn’t hesitate her immediate answer was “I love Coach and my team, they are my best friends”. The bond with her teammates and coaches, the friendships, the family that it has become is beyond what we ever could have hoped for. 

Coach Brooke has helped to develop in Cassidy and this team a sense of pride, focus and self confidence. And anybody that knows Cassidy knows that if she believes she can do it, it is going to happen. To borrow a saying from the deaf community “Cassidy is deaf, the only thing she can’t do is hear” Deafness is not going to stop her from what she wants to accomplish.

This team has had to work for their opportunities. Now we are asking please help them by donating, we are asking you to help Cassidy and her team get to Florida so they can show the world that your disability doesn’t define you.