Dr. David Geeslin: You’re probably surprised to receive this message. We have a big family (parents, students & staff) at the Indiana School for the Deaf and we genuinely care about everyone. That’s what makes ISD strong. Every year, changes happen, sometimes the unexpected, for example families move away for a great opportunity/new job. We should celebrate their journey and because the skills we’ve provided put them in a place where they can succeed anywhere. ISD is one of the top schools in the nation and we must share our wealth. We want to see all of our deaf schools succeed. We will sorely miss our teachers who are leaving to another school but their new students will gain a lot from them. I’m proud to share our trainings and achievements that allow our teachers to master their skills. Their gain is our gain. Our motivation is that ALL children THRIVE! That’s our DREAM. Children who don’t attend ISD but attend other schools are our children as well. We understand why our families are leaving but we also look forward to new families, and teachers, moving into our community. We appreciate and thank those schools who have taught them well. Life’s journey is always changing. It’s not easy to lose family/friends but we need to remember to celebrate their time with us. We are a great school and will continue to be one. I’m excited about this coming school year, it’s going to be great!

I’ve been asked about HB1443. Governor Holcomb requested my input on who I felt should serve on the Task Force. I provided names of individuals who I felt would best fit the goal of the Task Force. I will keep everyone updated.   You make our school a great place to be, thank you for all your support!