Teachers at Southridge High School in Kennewick wore matching shirts Thursday to show one student how much they care.

“Did it have a positive impact? I think so,” teacher Lance Hattemer said in a Kennewick School District social media post. “The words ‘I love you’ are pretty powerful. It’s a powerful thing.”

District officials say it all started when​​​​​ Hattemer saw a t-shirt for sale on Facebook that was desinged by the son of one of his friends. The shirt had the sign for ‘I love you’ in American Sign Language.

Hattemer teaches math and coaches baseball at Southridge and one of his students is deaf: seeing the shirt gave him an idea, the post said. 

“I started thinking, ‘I have a student who is deaf in my class, and he’s an awesome kid,'” Hattemer said in the post.

With Hattemer’s coordination, trachers showed up to school Thursday wearing the matching shirts as a positive gesture for the student. 

The boy saw Hattemer with the shirt, then a couple other teachers and finally saw more teachers across the hall, all wearing the ‘I love you’ t-shirts, the post said.