Reliable leaks about new Apple products are not so rare as unobvious. After all, it’s not enough just to find out some information, you also need to manage to separate the grains from the chaff and recognize something true among the tons of fakes, which is not always possible. Nevertheless, from time to time there are such leaks, the reliability of which there is no doubt, despite the fact that it is rather difficult to believe that Apple, in principle, was able to allow the dissemination of this kind of information. iOS 14, before the release of which is still about six months away, is a real example of this.

In iOS 14, Apple will expand the capabilities of the Universal Access mode, designed to facilitate the use of branded devices by people with disabilities by introducing the recognition of fire alarms, alarms, knocking on the door, the sound of a doorbell and even crying children. Compatible iPhone models will be able to transform them into tactile feedback, warning users with hearing impairment of potential dangers. This innovation can be very useful in critical situations, for example, during a fire, the notification of which some users who do not perceive high-frequency sounds may not hear the corny.

So far, Apple has not paid any attention to the grouping of wallpapers in iOS, placing them all in one settings section. However, in iOS 14, the company decided to divide them into several categories and, obviously, increase their number to give users the opportunity to more effectively select a specific image, rather than flipping through all the pictures and finding the right one among them. In addition, the update code contains references to the mechanism for adding third-party wallpapers in iOS. However, it is difficult to say exactly how this will be implemented. Perhaps Apple will simply allow storing background images in a special settings section, and not in the Photos application, as it was befor