Request for Bid

The New Jersey Department of Labor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) is seeking American Sign Language instruction for Deaf individuals who are native to countries outside of the USA and have limited to no ASL skills. ASL tutoring may also include late deafened adults.  We are also seeking basic reading and writing skills courses for our Deaf consumers. We are looking for our consumers to be able to sign fluently enough to understand an interpreter or job coach for employment and training purposes. We are looking for remote learning and eventually in person instruction.

Qualifications- Native Deaf ASL signer

Experience- Teaching deaf individuals with limited to no ASL Skills

Education- At least a BA degree is required

Proposal should include the following:

  • Indicate any certifying government agencies you do business with
  • Provide years in business teaching ASL
  • Explain the specifics of your education and experience
  • Send supporting documentation
  • Provide an outline of your curriculum
  • Indicate length of course and rate of services
  • Indicate your location for classes and/or which NJ counties your agency is available for travel.


Email your proposal by 4 pm on November 27th 2020 to Tanya Onsongo at the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

VP 609-498-6221