Dancing with the Stars and America’s Next Top Model champion Nyle DiMarco appeared on an emotional segment of the hidden camera show What Would You Do? highlighting discrimination faced by the deaf.

DiMarco watched as customers reacted to the waiter at a diner who was speaking rudely and refusing service to a deaf diner while the cameras rolled, and eventually took part as the diner himself.

Both DiMarco and J.W., a deaf actor, were pleased at how quickly people stepped up to berate the waiter, and said things don’t usually happen like that in real life. In one scenario, a customer was brought to tears after it was revealed it was all acting, saying it was his heart that prompted him.

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Said J.W. to John Quiñones in a post-show interview: “Accept other people for who they are, and learn how to communicate with everybody. The simplest body language, the simplest gestures, will go a long way and have a big impact.