RALSTON, Neb. (KMTV) – — Educators say communication is often the key to learning, but for students who have trouble hearing it can be just one of the many challenges they face at school.

In the Ralston School District, educators are working to give students the best learning experience possible inside the classroom.

“When I help the students understand, it’s great because it’s like we have the same language, we have the same culture … they feel better,” Deaf & Hard of Hearing Educator William Jeffery said.

Jeffery teaches students through his own experiences.  “The interaction with the students, that is the best thing,” Jeffery told us. “You know chatting with all of them, seeing them grow.”

In the Ralston School District deaf and hard of hearing students are able to learn alongside students inside traditional classrooms.

“We have to learn to live within our world and our world is becoming smaller, [it’s] becoming more connected,” Director of the Suburban Schools Program Diane Meyer said. “It’s important that we learn to work with a variety of individuals.”