Hello everyone! Are you ready for summer?

Have you thought about how to stay cool? Normally, we would go swimming or finding a shade under the tree. Right?

But… have you ever thought about what it is like to be a tree? More so when they can live such a long life and have a story to tell. Trees such as live oaks can live on the average of 300 years. Some other trees found around the world can live as long as 3000-4000 years.

But still… have you ever thought about them? There are two great books to learn more about trees. The first one, “The Wild Trees” is about two botanists, who climbed to the top of redwood trees in California. They observed plants and animals that made their home up in the canopy since not much is known about them. The second one, “The Hidden Life of Trees” is about trees’ hidden secrets. They are like us. When they are found living together in a community, they form a support system and communicate through their roots. When one tree senses there is danger, it will alert others through roots. Not only that, parent trees will also extend their support to their young trees as well.

If some trees are removed from the community, their support system will collapse and strong winds can knock down the ones left standing. So it is best if we leave trees in a community alone and let them thrive together. It is fascinating. Right? You may also notice these tree seeds.

Here is a hamburger bean and here is a kidney bean. They are actually sea beans that came from trees found in Central America and South America. They can be found on our beaches in Florida. Sometimes, they can be brought over by hurricanes.

If you find one, then you can consider it as good luck. In closing, take the time to appreciate trees and even hug a tree. And if you can, start a tree garden in your backyard. You can do this by saving and protecting the little trees you find on your yard when you mow this summer. That way, you can help reduce heat and reduce climate change. By the way, one tree can absorb about 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year on the average. So this is your chance to grow trees and even hug a tree.  Enjoy your summer!