SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As part of an ongoing commitment to modernize the mobile communication experience for Deaf people, Sorenson Communications announced an update to its ntouch® app for the Android operating system.

“We are pleased to offer our latest technology to Android users in the Deaf community. The update to the ntouch user interface (UI) will offer an improved customer experience, with new theme and color options to make mobile Video Relay Service (VRS) more accessible and enjoyable for all users, including those with low vision,” says Scott Wood, CEO of Sorenson Communications.

Customers can get the new ntouch software – version 9.0 – by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

“Mobile communication is essential in today’s world,” notes Isaac Roach, vice president of engineering for Sorenson Communications, the leading provider of Video Relay Service (VRS) for Deaf people who use sign language to communicate. “This update will bring the ntouch app in line with current Android Material Design standards, and fulfill our mission of providing our customers with best-in-class service on any device.”

Additional changes to the ntouch app’s UI include:

  • Interpreter ID shown in Call History
  • Improved Shared Text functionality for low vision users
  • A new self-view so users can check their appearance, available lighting, and background before making a call

Updated UI elements provide a more consistent interface, decrease the number of buttons on a screen, and reduce the number of taps needed to perform an action.

For more information about the new updated ntouch features, visit www.svrs.com or contact customer service at 801-386-8500.

About Sorenson Communications, LLC
Sorenson Communications, LLC (www.svrs.com and www.scis.com) connects people by delivering the world’s most trusted services, which include Sorenson Video Relay Service (VRS®), the highest-quality video interpreting service, and Sorenson Community Interpreting Services (SCIS), which matches qualified sign language interpreters to specific assignment needs and situations to provide an unparalleled interpreting experience. As the largest private employer of sign language interpreters, Sorenson has access to the most experienced, skilled, and diverse interpreter base in the industry. Sorenson interpreters pass a rigorous skills assessment test, and are provided with myriad resources for interpreter development, training, and advocacy.

Sorenson’s innovative products include the ntouch® VP and the ntouch VP2 videophones, designed especially for use by Deaf individuals; ntouch PC, software that connects users to SVRS by using a PC and webcam; ntouch for Mac®, software that connects users to SVRS by using an Apple® computer; and ntouch Mobile, an application empowering SVRS communication via tablet and mobile devices. Sorenson is the leading provider of Video Relay Service.

If you choose Sorenson as your default provider, you can port your existing 10-digit number to Sorenson from another provider or Sorenson can provide you with one for the geographic area where you live or work. If you later change your default provider, you can port your number to that provider. When selecting Sorenson, you must provide to Sorenson the physical address (i.e., the Registered Location) from which you are placing the call, so that Sorenson can properly route any 911 calls you may make. If you move or change your location, you must notify Sorenson immediately. You can update your Registered Location from your Sorenson videophone by calling 800-659-4810 or by visiting www.svrs.com/moving. Sorenson will confirm receipt of your Registered Location information. Emergency calls made via internet-based TRS may not function the same as traditional E911 service. For example, you may not be able to dial 911 if there is an internet-service failure or if you lose electrical power, and your 911 call may not be routed correctly if you have not updated your Registered Location. For more information on the process of obtaining 10-digit numbers and the limitations and risks associated with using Sorenson’s VRS to place a 911 call, please visit Sorenson’s website: www.sorenson.com/disclaimer. For information on toll-free numbering, please visit www.svrs.com/tollfree.