Sorenson, the leading language services provider of inclusive communication services for Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and diverse people, has teamed up with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. to bring the first app to market that allows hosts to request American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters to provide interpretation services on Zoom’s communication and collaboration platform. Sorenson for Zoom is available at no cost from the Zoom App Marketplace, allowing meeting hosts to seamlessly integrate an ASL interpreter into Zoom Meetings as an active video participant, making virtual meetings more convenient and inclusive for people who are Deaf.

This is a meaningful advancement for anyone involved in calls where diverse language accessibility is needed and (as you know) is especially significant for Deaf people. Christina Call, who is Deaf and serves as Sorenson’s product manager for all video conferencing products, can provide perspective on the impact this will have for Deaf – and hearing – callers. 

Sorenson processes more than 140 million conversations annually and is one of America’s largest private employers of Deaf people. Sorenson is leading out in providing accessible, inclusive communication services – services that connect people beyond languages, cultures, and countries. Sorenson operates in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and United Kingdom and last year, was named by the U.K.’s Office of Communications as the official provider for the U.K.’s new Emergency 999 Video Relay Service (VRS). 

For more information about the Sorenson for Zoom announcement, click here. To schedule an interview with Christina Call (if needed, an ASL interpreter will be provided), please contact me.  

Thanks for your assistance in getting the word out to the Deaf community.

Ann Bardsley, Dir Comm & PR