SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The South Dakota School for the Deaf will be moving to its new location in the former TCF Bank this fall. But before it makes the transition, staff hosted one more Hands in Motion program for the children at the current campus.

Every July, the South Dakota School for the Deaf hosts a month-long Hands in Motion program. Now that event and others are heading to a new location.

“Hopeful that it’ll continue and I think it’s going to. It’ll be sad to go, but onto the next chapter. We’re just so thankful for what SDSD has for all of us,” parent Matt Kemper said.

We spoke with Kevin Barber, the president of the South Dakota Association for the Deaf, through a voice interpreter. He says he is worried about space limitations at the new location.

“The space that is there is limited and I see the number of participants here, it grows every year. So that is a concern. The space that they’re offering just isn’t big enough,” SDAD President Kevin Barber said.

We also spoke with SDAD Secretary Patty Kuglitsch through a voice interpreter. She says she wishes the state and Board of Regents had worked to find a better location.

“That location that they found, you know what, it’s not good. It’s not an appropriate, friendly space for our goals here. Look at all the green that you see here, grass. The state and Board of Regents should’ve done a better job finding a better place,” SDAD secretary Patty Kuglitsch said.

As the school transitions to the new building this Fall, parents and children at SDSD are just looking forward to the continuation of programs like Hands in Motion.

“We’ve grown to kind of associate this building with SDSD, but certainly they transcend this building. So although we’re going to miss the building, we’re sad to see it go, we’re looking forward to that next chapter and to being there with SDSD and continuing this program,” parent Chad Bolstad said.

“It’s the best place ever,” student Kaleb Bolstad said.