Two students from the Utah School for the Deaf performed the Pledge of Allegiance in the House of Representatives Wednesday.

Eight-year-olds Kelsey Ensign of Sandy and Daisy Doutre of Logan worked as a team to present the pledge.

Kelsey uses American Sign Language to communicate, and is a student at one of the School for the Deaf campuses, according to a news release from the school.

Daisy uses cochlear implants and listening and spoken language, and is a student in her local district in Logan. She has teachers from the state Schools for the Deaf and Blind system who travel to help her learn language skills, manage the technology at her school and provide other support, the news release said.

The girls were invited to the House by Rep. Dan Johnson, R-Logan, for Wednesday’s introduction of his resolution HR3, which urges the activation of closed captioning on television monitors located in public venues.

It notes that televisions are increasingly used in places such as hospital waiting rooms, restaurants, small businesses, health clubs, airport lounges, and more, while hearing loss is one of the most common disabilities in the United States.