Hearing community gets information way ahead and faster about hate crime. Every day. That is why they are way ahead of the Deaf community. Why? The Deaf community is way behind information like a turtle about hate crime. Why? It is not important. Lazy. Not your business. Old past. Old news. Blah. Blah. That needs to be changed. That is the problem. Why not equal access as the hearing community receive? Information. Knowledge. Communication.

Withholding information is considered censorship. I just subscribed to The Washington Post for research purposes–I wish I’d inform about this earlier. I learned about the article published in 2019 discussing hate crime(s) what happened in 2018. What happened was that a student who is Muslim got threatened and would be killed because of Muslim background. The hate crime has been pressed.



No one discussed it. Why? It is not important. I strongly believe that the Gallaudet community must inform, but not name the person due to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) but important about the situation. The same thing as in 2017 that Gallaudet University is number one in hate crime(s) in the District of Columbia. Why not discuss? Because Gallaudet University Public Relations keep it in the dark by controlling information.

For example, GUAA members pay fees shall get information as well. The Deaf community have SOULS. Why lower expectations? We need to get equal access and faster information. Look at the hearing community. Big difference. Look at this Muslim student. That is a big concern. Oh yeah, Muslim? Not important. Let’s use white privileges. The Washington Post published an article about it in 2019.

You think I detest Gallaudet University? I strongly believe in FACTS. Believe it or not, I cherish Gallaudet University more than you really think. It needs to be changed. No more status quo. No more apathy. Any situation, for example, hate crime at Gallaudet University, will inform right away. For example, one person was trying to challenge me, thinking that I want to shut down Gallaudet University. No, it’s not even close. Gallaudet University has flaws. Are they perfect? No. But, they need to be honest about it.

Gallaudet University needs to share this information with the Deaf community, no matter what. You notice that other universities would inform the community about it, but Gallaudet University chose to stay silent. That is called censorship. Do I have the power to shut down Gallaudet University? No, I do not have a superpower. It would take the United States Congress to shut down Gallaudet University.

Censorship is a big problem. The same person attempts to challenge by saying that the Daily Moth would be the best news information. Why? They’re faster. Really? Where is the information what happened with hate crime at Gallaudet University? For example, a Muslim student being threatened, number one in hate crimes, etc. Why not? I just found out myself. I was surprised. It is my fault not to inform the Deaf community about this until now.

The Daily Moth, 100% honest journalism? They make plenty of mistakes. One-sided journalism. Oh, I make mistakes, too. Why Gallaudet University controls information? The Daily Moth’s biggest sponsor is Gallaudet University. Why? Controlling or limiting information. If no sponsorship, then the news would be faster. Independent news. I strongly believe in independent information. Truth is important. The truth would be hurt. Get threatened. It is not necessary at all. No, no, the Deaf community have SOULS.

Home like home. Hate crime is a hot topic right now around the world. The hearing community gets the information right away. As for the Deaf community, it’s too much work. Does not want to report, discuss it, accept the consequences, the list goes on. No, no, no…

Time for a change. What is wrong with that? There is no reason to be fearful about it. If you want this to be better, then Gallaudet University needs to inform the Deaf community and share concerns. That is a big difference. Yes, The Daily Moth is cool…..okay…..why not they inform the Deaf community, too? The culture of silence is not cool. Withholding information is not cool.