Good evening. It’s Thursday evening, Feb 19th. New information has emerged today that makes it necessary for me to provide you with this update. Yesterday on Feb 18th, the old board members filed a motion for an emergency hearing to place a restraining order against Raymond and Liann to stop them from doing any more DCARA work.

The case will be heard tomorrow at the Hayward Court House in Dept. 517 at 2:30pm. It’s my understanding that visitors are allowed and may be able to comment on the case.

The actual hearing is still being scheduled for April 27th. This news prompted me to check the public records available through Alameda Courts website to review the case – DCARA vs. Osborne.

I was surprised to see how aggressive the lawyer is for the old board with so many filings made the past few weeks with the court. It seems that they are out to win this case at any cost. If you are interested, you can take a look yourself at this website. https://publicrecords.alameda.courts…. Case number: RG19038869

That brings me to this question…. Who is saving DCARA from whom?

*The remaining individuals from the old board to save DCARA? *Dave Martin as the sole legitimate board member as an one-man show to save DCARA?

*The three board members at the May 21st meeting who had apologized profusely for causing pain and asked Raymond and Liann to step up to save DCARA?

*Liann with the charge provided by the old board members to recruit and screen new board members to save DCARA?

*5 wonderful individuals who have accepted the invitation to serve on the new board to save DCARA?

*4 old board members who filed the law suit against Raymond and Liann in October to save DCARA?

*Raymond and Liann who continue to serve DCARA in spite of the lawsuit to save DCARA?

*These same old board members with its request for restraining order against Raymond and Liann to save DCARA?

So who is saving DCARA from whom? In the meantime, DCARA is sinking under the weight of all this effort to save DCARA from ??? Yes, it’s heartbreaking.