Hello everyone, my name is Octavio Cuenca Maldonado, Legislative Liaison of the New Jersey Association of the Deaf (NJAD). I have important news. We need your support for Bill S1067, which aims to improve mental health services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities in NJ. This bill will remove barriers to mental care and will improve better for our communities better, but we must act quickly as soon as possible.

Here’s what you can do is: I’ve created a “Vote Yes on Bill S1067” written email template that you can send to all Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committees (SHH), and push them to pass and vote on this bill. Find the template through comments or posts in social media or the link in there. Click Here

Copy and paste in your email, add your name and introduce yourself. Personalize it with your personal story if you can. It as powerful stories can be very convincing, to talk about your personal experience.

We need to send these emails before Thursday, March 14, 2024, as that’s when the committee will decide whether to vote yes or no on passing the bill. This is our opportunity to make a difference.

Also, if you or someone barriers the mental health system and can talk about their personal experience during the SHH committee meeting this Thursday in Trenton, please let me know. Your testimony could really help to convince them to pass the bill.

Please spread the word to friends, family, and on social media. The more people we can get to show their support, the better chance we have of seeing this bill passed.  

If you have any questions or need more info? Email me at Octavio.maldonado@deafnjad.org.Your support could change lives. Let’s do this together.

Thank you, Bye!

Octavio Cuenca Maldonado

Legislative Liaison

New Jersey Association of the Deaf (NJAD)