Broadway performers John McGinty and Jim Hogan perform the Joe Iconis anthem in a new way.

Be More Chill has become a new YA Broadway sensation, largely due to Joe Iconis’ score, which includes the anthem “Michael in the Bathroom.”

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Broadway actors Jim Hogan (Waitress) and John McGinty (King LearChildren of a Lesser God) recently posted an American Sign Language cover of the song; take a look above. McGinty, a Deaf artist, performs in ASL as Hogan sings along in English.

In the Broadway production, George Salazar (who plays Michael) sings the song, about a teenage outcast feeling so alone he’s hid himself in the bathroom at a party. The track from the world premiere cast recording passed over 100 million Spotify streams last year. A new album from the Broadway cast will be released soon.

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