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Sign1News 8.24.19 – News for the Deaf community

-51 massive infernos burning through 14 states -Huge pro-Amazon protest in Brazil -Woman arrested after putting dog in trunk -Possible measles exposure around L.A. -‘Stand Your Ground’ trial, man found guilty -Apple warning: Don’t keep credit card near leather

The Daily Moth 8-23-19

Ruth Bader Ginsburg finishes treatment for pancreatic tumor China imposes new tariffs on U.S. Billionaire David Koch dies at 79 Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf President resigns after controversy Deaf immigrant faces possibility of deportation

Sign1News 8.23.19 – News for the Deaf community

-Beware of ‘Nigerian romance’ scam -Man kills co-worker in university parking lot -Doordash details new tipping policy after backlash -KFC debuts mac and cheese bowls with chicken -NY man rescues deer trapped in soccer net

The Daily Moth 8-21-19

0:11 - Energy Star recommends thermostats be set at 78 1:43 - Brazilian President Bolsonaro criticized over Amazon rainforest fires and death of indigenous leader 7:11 - Phoenix police must document each time they point a gun 10:06 - Political News Briefs: Denmark; budget deficit; anti-Semitism; Sean Spicer 14:23 - Michael Michner, CPA for multiple Deaf organizations, passes away at 60

Sign1News 8.20.19 – News for the Deaf community

-Your comments: have you ever cried at work? -Reporter knocked unconscious live on air -Fired officer in Eric Garner case vows appeal -Save money on Thanksgiving travel now -Disneyland honors woman's 1985 free admission ticket

The Daily Moth 8-20-19

0:11 - NYPD officer who choked Eric Garner is fired 3:33 - Police arrest teen for making “joke” online threat 6:39 - Elizabeth Warren apologizes to Native Americans 9:48 - U.S. military conducts first missile test since the end of the Cold War 12:30 - First deaf tennis player to win ATP Tour match
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