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Sign1News 5.15.20

-CDC issues warning about mysterious illness in children
-Earthquake, typhoon and hurricane emerge at same time
-Starbucks asks for rent relief, -Space force launches its first mission Saturday

Seek the World: Errand Folks | Volunteer-Based Platform Delivery Services

Errand Folks is a volunteer-based platform providing services to the Deaf elderly and Deaf community whose health is currently at-risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are afraid and cannot go out to shop for food. Don’t worry because you can contact Errand Folks with 65+ volunteers all over the United States and they’re happy to help!

They can be reached at this e-mail:

Sign1News 5.14.20

– Thousands volunteer to be exposed to COVID-19 to help find vaccine
– EMT shot by police in home, family suing for wrongful death
– Virus can stay in air for 8 minutes after talking , – States face stay-at-home order backlash, Trump rebukes Fauci
– Update: Michael Flynn case may not be dismissed, – Mom recreates children’s book covers to explain pandemic to kids

Sign1News 5.13.20

– Fauci warns consequences of states reopening
– Health care workers at high risk of mental health suffering , – Tornado alley: Severe storms and possible tornado threats
– Georgia drivers who got license without road test will have to take it , – Princeton names 1st black valedictorian in school’s history

The Daily Moth – May 13, 2020

Wednesday, May 13 coronavirus updates: Correction on $6,000 payments; Harvard’s fall semester to be online; New York has 102 cases of Pediatric Multi-System; D.C. extends stay-at-home to June 8; Tesla factory reopens; L.A. may be shutdown for three months; Texas Attorney General warns Dallas/Austin/Houston; additional tensions on lockdown surface; Fed warns of economic damage; sharp decline in immigration; 113-year-old woman survives Covid-19 and makes prophecy

Sign1News 5.12.20

– Doctors may have to ration experimental COVID-19 drug
– Ahmaud Arbery: Justice Department assessing hate crime charges, – Nursing homes linked to one-third US coronavirus deaths
– White House: Democrats stimulus package push, Fauci to testify
– Photo shows packed United Airlines flight, – Pedigree hosting virtual dog adoptions


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