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The Daily Moth – 6/20/2019

0:11 – Iran shoots down U.S. drone 3:10 – Parents brawl during youth baseball game 5:43 – Detective calls for execution of gay people in church sermon 9:07 – Supreme Court rulings on WWI cross and double jeopardy 11:43 – Phone use causing horns to grow on young people’s skulls? 14:00 – San Antonio Express News: Deaf father reaches $150k settlement with school district over interpreters for hearing son 15:39 – #DeafBing: Getting People’s Attention

Sign1News 6/19/19 – News for the Deaf Community

TODAY’S HEADLINES: -Sign1News anchors part of Deaf basketball camp history -Teen accused of murdering friend for $9M offer -Another American tourist dead in Dominican Republic -President Trump’s 2020 kickoff -Bear euthanized after humans fed it, took selfies

The Daily Moth – 6/19/19

0:11 – Trump raises $24.8 million after kicking off 2020 campaign in Orlando 3:08 – Indian magician dies from river escape stunt 4:36 – UN says Saudi crown prince liable for killing of Khashoggi; Dutch prosecutor charges 4 men for 2014 plane crash in Ukraine 7:28 – Signs of climate change 10:49 – Deaf student honored as one of the U.S. Presidential Scholars for 2019 17:48 – Michigan School for the Deaf community members express concerns at town hall

Sign1News 6/18/19 – News for the Deaf Community

TODAY’S HEADLINES: -Deaf father and son bond at Mike Glenn basketball camp -Teen survives 10-inch knife into face -Family with guns drawn on them want officers fired -IKEA will pay you to research on happiness in Denmark -Rare bird smuggled into US in hair rollers

The Daily Moth – June 18, 2019

0:11 – Dallas courthouse shooting; Raptors parade shooting 1:50 – Trump says ICE will remove millions of illegal aliens 3:35 – Facebook to launch Libra, a new global cryptocurrency 6:43 – Patrick Shanahan no longer considered for Defense Secretary after USAToday report about domestic violence 9:28 – Spate of American tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic 15:06 – Rochester Deaf Festival recap 18:19 – Guest #DeafBing: Telephone Numbers

Sign1News at Mike Glenn All-Star Basketball Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Sign1News is covering Mike Glenn’s All-Star Basketball Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing all week. The camp celebrates their 40th Anniversary this week. This non-profit organization is the nation’s first basketball camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Athletes ages 14 to 18 attending Junior High or High School.

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