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New Jersey


Clara R. Smit, Esq. is an attorney in East Brunswick, New Jersey who is dedicated to serving the needs of all individuals whom have been discriminated against, particularly the profoundly Deaf who communicate in ASL.

She has been involved in the deaf community and interpreting profession for most of her life. Her parents were Deaf and communicated primarily through American Sign Language. Eighty percent of Ms. Smit’s clientele is profoundly Deaf and communicate through sign language. Ms. Smit is also fluent in sign language and was a certified interpreter for twelve years.

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New York

The New York Center For Law and Justice seeks to improve the lives of deaf and hard of hearing New Yorkers by representing individual deaf and hard of hearing clients in a range of civil matters, pursuing policy and practice changes within New York City institutions and raising awareness around deaf and hard of hearing causes and issues.

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New York

The deaf rights lawyers and deaf client liaison at the Eisenberg & Baum Law Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing advocate for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in a wide range of legal issues, including communication accessjob discriminationpersonal injury and sexual abuse or sexual harassment. They also offer assistance in other areas such as wills and trusts and real estate matters.


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