The Daily Moth

The Daily Moth 8-23-19

Ruth Bader Ginsburg finishes treatment for pancreatic tumor China imposes new tariffs on U.S. Billionaire David Koch dies at 79 Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf President resigns after controversy Deaf immigrant faces possibility of deportation

The Daily Moth 8-21-19

0:11 - Energy Star recommends thermostats be set at 78 1:43 - Brazilian President Bolsonaro criticized over Amazon rainforest fires and death of indigenous leader 7:11 - Phoenix police must document each time they point a gun 10:06 - Political News Briefs: Denmark; budget deficit; anti-Semitism; Sean Spicer 14:23 - Michael Michner, CPA for multiple Deaf organizations, passes away at 60

The Daily Moth 8-20-19

0:11 - NYPD officer who choked Eric Garner is fired 3:33 - Police arrest teen for making “joke” online threat 6:39 - Elizabeth Warren apologizes to Native Americans 9:48 - U.S. military conducts first missile test since the end of the Cold War 12:30 - First deaf tennis player to win ATP Tour match

The Daily Moth 8-19-19

0:11 - Three potential mass shooters stopped 3:16 - Steel company apologizes for toxic spill 5:03 - Prince Andrew denies accusations of child sex abuse 8:46 - Wedding suicide bomber kills 63 11:55 - NFL player and audiologist killed in motorcycle accident 14:24 - Melmira visits Deaf Film Camp at CM7 18:37 - Guest #DeafBing from Jennifer Tandoc Artist and Julian Moiwai Studio

The Daily Moth 8-16-19

Rep. Tlaib will not visit West Bank July 2019 is Earth’s hottest month Trump considers buying Greenland Hong Kong protests continue for 11 weeks Mary Beth Miller, Deaf comedian and story teller, passes away

The Daily Moth 8-15-19

0:11 - Six Philadelphia police officers shot by gunman 4:22 - Israel blocks U.S. Reps. Omar and Tlaib 9:45 - “It’s raining plastic,” says scientists in Denver study 12:44 - Russian plane makes emergency landing in cornfield 14:40 - Man arrested for kidnapping 4-year-old deaf child

The Daily Moth 8-14-19

0:11 - Boy finds mastodon fossil in Ohio 1:57 - Shootout between man and police in Kansas City 4:28 - Updates on Jeffrey Epstein death 7:57 - A$AP Rocky convicted of assault by Swedish court 10:07 - Wolf attacks family in Canada 14:03 - DOW falls 800 points

The Daily Moth 8-13-19

0:11 - New rules for immigrants seeking green cards 3:38 - CHP officer killed in Riverside gun battle 7:18 - Five Russian nuclear engineers killed in mysterious blast 10:25 - Deaf UK men complete walking journey; U.S. Deaf men complete cycling trip 14:13 - 2019 National Black Deaf Advocates Conference

[LIVE] The Daily Moth 8-12-19

1:11 - Jeffrey Epstein death 8:29 - Erie daycare fire 10:40 - Atlanta hotel disease outbreak 12:48 - Dogs die from toxic algae

The Daily Moth – August 9, 2019

Man with rifle arrested at Walmart in Missouri; Houston gunman kills two people on freeway; El Paso terrorist suspect said he targeted “Mexicans”; 17-year-old CODA from New Mexico shot and killed; Deaf woman shares account of abusive relationship; Deaf Protectors opposed to new telescope on Mauna Kea
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